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This blog is to support trainings on how to use blogs in the elementary classroom.This blog is an example of using a static (or unchanging) page as your front page.Normally on a blog, the latest post (entry) appears first, but if you would like to have the same information appear each time someone goes to your blog (like a homepage), you can use this format instead.

Why blog?

First, why blog in the classroom? Here is a slide show with the thinking behind using Web 2.0 in the classroom…

[swf width="325" height="244"]https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=31933&doc=education-and-web20-18195[/swf]

And here is another slide show on benefits of Web 2.0 [swf width="325" height="244"]https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=30219&doc=webed-20-27973″ width=”425″ height=”348″[/swf]

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  1. Marsha Said,

    April 17, 2008@ 11:49 am      

    The slideshow for Why Blog? is unavailable. It states that it has moved or marked as private. Could you fix it so that I can see it, please?

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